Thursday, July 14, 2011

Worshipping at the Altar of Technology

O. M. G. I am soooooo glad someone invented the computer. If I had to use a typewriter to write Severed, I probably would have quit being a writer.

I'm having a blast writing, but I'm a little bit all over the place. I think this happens with pantsers like me. Since I don't have a plot line in my head, my characters tend to have conversations and experiences out of order.

I'm like Dug in Disney's Up. "Squirrel!"

The moment I think of another place for my plot to go, I make a note in my manuscript and start a new chapter.

For instance, last night I started on what I affectionately call Chapter Sexy (I don't number my chapters until the end). I was totally getting into it, but then some of my characters started having a conversation - one that really should take place earlier. So instead of carrying on with Chapter Sexy, I'm working on this very important conversation. How important? This convo explains why the book is called Severed. So yeah, totally important, and trumps working on Chapter Sexy.

Back to the typewriter. When I was little, I had trouble operating scissors. I may be the only child in the history of the world who couldn't use scissors. My school even had to give me special scissors because I couldn't use the normal scissors properly. To this day I have no idea why (note to self: call Mom). Right, so if I had to use a typewriter, and I wrote out of order, eventually I'd have to use a pair of scissors to cut the paper so I could tape it together in the proper order. Luckily I am quite proficient with tape.

Did it really take all of that for me to get back to my point about the typewriter? Yeah. Maybe the original point should have been about scissors, not typewriters.

You see why I write the way I do? This is how it all comes out. It's a wonder my books make any sense by the time I'm done! This is also why I do very little public speaking because I talk the same freaking way.


C-ya. ;)

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