Friday, July 1, 2011

Oubliette Contest Winner

So hopefully everyone read my post about breaking the rules. I made a lot of poor assumptions when I set up the contest and based it off rankings. My advice? Don't follow this model! LOL! I sold FAR MORE copies on Barnes & Noble than I thought I would, which I think skewed where my Amazon rankings would go. What's even funnier is that sales of Anathema picked up - and Anathema hit TWO lists on Amazon. Ironic? Sure, but I'll take it!!!

As I said yesterday, I'm going to base the prize off what I projected my sales would be, versus the ranking they hit.

My big winner is Stephanie Overton, a reader who's been a HUGE supporter of mine. I think she's entered every contest I've run, so I was so happy when chose her number this morning! She's won:

A $25 gift card, signed Oubliette paperback, and a signed Oubliette bookmark, PLUS a SIGG water bottle with Oubliette's cover on it!
(and an additional $25 donation to Friends of the Fountaindale Library)

I'm so excited to send the goodies to Stephanie and send a check to my local Friends group for $125!!!!

Thank you to each & every person who entered and contest and/or purchased a copy of Oubliette!!!

The cover for the third, and final, book in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy was released yesterday. In case you didn't see it I'm posting it below. Severed will drop sometime in the fall. I'm currently writing the first major draft.

Before Severed, I have at least one other release planned. More details to come next week....


  1. Is smiling EAR to EAR . . this so rocks!! Happy Day!!!

    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Congratulations Stephanie sounds like you earned it.

  3. Oh, so pretty! I love her tiger eyes! Will you send me a bigger copy of the photo so I can feature the reveal on my blog? Still abackwardsstory at gmail :)

    I can't wait to come back next week and see what you're about to surprise us with!

  4. WooHoo! Congrats Stephanie! AND congrats Megg!