Friday, July 1, 2011

Choices: The New Frontier

Everyone wants a concrete answer in publishing.

Should I pursue traditional publishers?
Should I pursue an agent?
Should I e-publish?
...and then should I pursue an agent?

Which is the RIGHT way to go?

 Now, lean in close. I'm going to whisper the answer to you.

Closer...a little closer.


(sorry for yelling in your ear, but I want to make sure you hear me)

It's like those Kia hamsters rap, "You can go with this, or you can go that."

In today's publishing world we have choices. Amazing, wonderful, crazy, risky choices! Make the choice that is best for YOU! I did.

Am I making mistakes along the way? Of course. But I'd bet there's a few traditionally published authors out there who've made poor choices too.

What I'm really getting tired of is seeing a writer attacked for the choices she or he has made. Amanda Hocking signed a traditional publishing contract! So what? Just because she started out indie doesn't mean she has to stay there forever. This past week, Joe Konrath announced that he was working with his agent - the agent he's had all along - on his epublishing. Suddenly the people who'd worshiped him were frothing at the mouth! Really? Get over it. He's allowed to make his own choices.

If I ever announce I have an agent, I hope people will be happy for me. If I ever announce I'm traditionally publishing a book, I hope people will be happy for me. Neither of these is something I'm actively pursuing (though I am talking to an agent, I have nothing interesting to say about it yet). But if I decide to, then I decide to.

Why? Well, my mom told me the perfect answer to give: Because it makes me happy.

I want you to do what makes you happy too!!!! Remember, one hamster's toaster is another hamster's Kia.

Peace out peeps!!!!


  1. Love this post, Megg. I've often struggled with these choices, especially right after making the decision to publish & then realizing that I'm technically a self pubbed author. But like you said, it doesn't have to be that way. Everyone should do what makes them happiest. And everyone should accept those choices and just be happy for them. I hope you find all the happiness you're looking for.

  2. I'd be happy for you so long as you're happy. Do what you feel is best. I'd ask the same in return.

  3. Thanks Erin. I was also a little leery of the title "self-published." It has a traditionally negative connotation, but I think that is quickly changing. :)

    Miranda - thanks!

    I know it sounds like I'm a hippie, but I really do want everyone to be happy with their path. :)))

  4. Wise words and one's I completely agree with.

  5. Te vitriole about traditional versus e-publishing is largely due to the redundant blogging blowhard, Joe Konrath, who's poor writing skills and diminishing sales had the traditional publishers drop him from their rank and file. But, oh, it was he who turned on them, he'd insist. But, alas, his traditional publishing deals were so paltry, of course he'd rather keep the rights to his own books. No one else (really) wants them.

    It's a shame he's such a zealot for e-publishing. I like your middle of the road, all is good, regardless of how it's published, approach, Megg.