Tuesday, July 12, 2011

True Blood vs. The Vampire Diaries

As I said yesterday, I'm a sucker for vampires. The hubby, Tim, is too. He lived in Santa Cruz for a few years, where The Lost Boys was filmed. So, of course, we were all over True Blood when it came out.

Well, kind of, considering we didn't have premium cable. As soon as it came out on DVD, we snatched it up. We really loved it too. It was weird, freaky, and the characters were so over-the-top. I even got a Bon Temps football team t-shirt for Christmas one year.

That was two or three years ago and we haven't seen an episode of True Blood since.

Enter The Vampire Diaries (TVD). We were immediately obsessed. Yeah, so we're in our 30s. It felt a little weird at first getting sooo into a show for teens, but I got over it. All my friends were totally into it too. Since we're never home, we DVR'd TVD and just finished Season Two this week. I can't wait until it starts up again. (Team Damon)

So in the meantime, we thought we'd go back to True Blood. Watched the first episode of Season Two last night. And, um, I was bored. So overwhelmingly bored with it. It also felt skeevy watching Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have sex on screen because, yanno, they do it in real life.

Tim looked at me and I looked at him. I didn't want to say that I hated it. He's a bigger vamp fiend than me and if he wanted to keep watching True Blood, I would suck it up (even though The Walking Dead is also in our DVD pile and I'm dyyyyyying to watch it).

Tim: Did you like it?
Me: Um, sure.
Tim: It was a little boring.
Me: nodding
Tim: Vampire Diaries is better.
Me: Yep.
Tim: We don't have to watch True Blood anymore if you don't want to.
Me: big sigh You are the best hubby evah!

Tonight - The Walking Dead, bring on the zombies!!!!! Only catch? Tim is freaked out by zombies. Luckily he's a good sport and has watched all the zombie movies with me and read all of Carrie Ryan's books. I hope he likes The Walking Dead or I'll be watching it alone.....which I don't know if I can do. ;)

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  1. Megg, I am a True Blood addict, the show is great but the books are amazing. I am also a huge zombie fan, I love The Walking Dead and also anything by George Romero. When I saw True Blood in this blog title, I had to read it. If you ever want to discuss True Blood, you know where to find me. I only have HBO during True Blood season then I have to cancel it lol. ~Amy