Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's My Genre???

Everyone wants to know what genre I write. Easy answer: fantasy.

But my books are unlike any kind of fantasy you've ever read.

I could tack the traditional sub-genre on. Why? Well, all of my novels take place in a medieval world (my degree is in medieval history). But when you think traditional, you probably thing Tolkein, right? Um, no, not me. Only if Frodo has a girlfriend and Golem is really a prince in disguise.

Another sub-genre of fantasy involves talking animals. Mine? Ha, no. Talking animals are pretty far down on the list of things that interest me.

Another staple of fantasy? Formal language! Well, I have done quite a bit of academic and journalism writing, but I try to keep that out of the dialogue in my novels. Despite wearing gowns and horses being the fastest form of transportation, sometimes my characters use words like "totally," and "hang out."

What I've tried to do is create a hybrid of style I love - fantasy/magic/teens/hot boys/action/mystery/romance and roll it all into one delish package. It's not my goal to crap on literary convention or blaze my own path. I write what I love and, so far, I think everyone else is enjoying the ride too.

Besides, if Disney can take Rapunzel, turn it into Tangled, and give Rapunzel lines like, "I can't believe I did this. *I can't believe I did this!* Mother would be so furious. That's OK though, I mean what she doesn't know won't kill her. Oh my gosh. This would kill her. *This is so fun!* I, am a horrible daughter. I'm going back. *I am never going back!* I am a despicable human being. *Woo-hoo! Best. Day. Ever!*"

Seriously, c'mon. I may not be Disney, but I think people totally get dialogue like that!

So I have a term for you that I coined a few weeks ago (and if anyone else has used the term before, I'm sorry, I didn't know): Medieval Dystopian. Yep, my books are Medieval Dystopian.


  1. I understand entirely. I just wrote an Ancient Dystopian.

  2. That's awesome Miranda!!!!

    Thanks Patricia. :)

  3. Great post on Genre! I always have a hard time in naming one genre in my writing, so I usually just go for paranormal. :)

  4. Medieval dystopian! Love it!

    And precisely why I referred elsewhere to Anathema having overtones of Margaret Atwood. Anyone who's read The Handmaid's Tale will know what I mean.

    You're right, Anathema is unlike anything else in the fantasy genres, and with the perfect-age protagonist.

    Still holding out on reading Oubliette as we finish the final, final edit on our own new release. Not long now.

    Bizarrely you also refer in this post to the first film I'll be watching. Our new crime thriller series, Rose Red, is based on classic European fairy-tales. Book 1 is Snow White. Book 2? Rapunzel!

  5. Amy - paranormal covers so many sub-genres of fantasy. I wish it described mine. That would be easier than making up my own category. ;)

    Mark - I still haven't read Atwood. I'm a bit afraid to - I don't want to be influenced. But I might....I'll let you know if I do. ;)