Monday, July 18, 2011

How Global Warming is RUINING My Life

As far as I know I only have one wedding to attend this year. This breaks my heart because there's nothing I love more than a wedding. I've had two, myself, and even though I'm totally happy with the current hubby, I still sometimes wish I could have another wedding. I also spend too much time watching Say Yes to the Dress.

So when I get invited to a wedding, I get super-excited!!!! The first thing I shop for are new shoes because, thanks to my husband's company parties, I have a billion dresses to choose from. A few weeks ago, my BFF April and I went shoe shopping and this was the first pair I tried on:

I'm the platinum, April is the champagne. Unfortunately the platinum shoes, no matter how gorgeous, kept popping off my heel. I already bought one pair of gorgeous heel-popping shoes and spent a miserable day trying to walk in them without killing myself:

I nearly gave up, and then I saw these faux snake skin heels. I tried them on, they fit beautifully and I bought them. Over the next couple weeks I wore them around the house and marveled at how damn comfortable they are.

The day of the wedding, I participated in my taekwondo class (so someday I can kick ass, hopefully in my heels) and went to my husband's company picnic. We ran back home to change into our wedding clothes and the most horrible thing happened. I couldn't get my feet in the heels. My two smallest toes on my right foot (which is ever so slightly bigger than the left) wouldn't smoosh into the snake skin heels.

Devastated doesn't begin to describe it....and while I used both 'damn' and 'ass' above, I really don't think I should type the words I uttered to my husband while trying to shove my Drizella feet into my Cinderella snake skin heels. I gave up and wore my cute black strappy heels.

The night I bought those snake skin heels I'd been on my feet all day and it was mildly warm out. Saturday it was over 90 degrees and I blame global warming on my shoe woes. Find a solution NOW Al Gore!!!!!! Beautiful shoes are going to waste!!!!


  1. lol.... oh Megg, what a fabulous post! I can totally relate although I can't blame global warming (I have increasingly worsening bunions to blame!)
    One day, my favourite pair of gorgeous high heels are fine, the next day, excruciating! Oh, and on another occasion, I find I just can't get them on at all... just like you.
    I do have to say though, I love the black strappy heels. Are they your legs??? Man, I gotta go start Taekwondo glasses. That is one fantastic pair of pins! I'm very envious ; )

  2. LOL! Yep, those are my gams. They used to look a lot better when I was dancing six days a week. ;)

  3. I envy you for staying so fit. The extent of my fitness routine is housework about once a week!! Although I have just bought a pilates DVD (coz of my bad back!)