Friday, July 29, 2011

Bad Days....

We all have our bad days, right? Yesterday was such a day. Nothing earth-shattering happened, just a bunch of little things converging at just the wrong time. Last night I spent 90 minutes backing up my entire hard drive because my laptop is an unreliable piece of <insert expletive>. That was not a relaxing end to a long, hard day. I love my computers when they work, and when they don't....well, let's just say that once my hubby had to pull me off of a laptop that I was jumping up and down on.

To amuse myself while everything was transferring to disc, I pulled out some really old pics of me. Wow, did those bring a smile to my face...especially this one...

This pretty much describes my Thursday, and what I wanted to do all day long. I didn't, though. I sucked it up and no one was the wiser.

Well, except my hubby who took one look at the picture and said, "Wow, you haven't changed at all, have you?" I'd say that's grounds for divorce, but I was laughing too hard to be mad.

Today is a better day, and inside I feel more like this --->

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  1. I sympathise wholly on the laptop front. Mine seems to take great delight in fizzling out and scaring the (expletive) out of me, then suddenly working perfectly the next moment. It does it at the worst times too - I think it gets a kick out of watching me hyperventilate.

    As for the unflattering kiddie photos ... you are not alone *shudders as she remembers the Coconut Haircut of Doom*