Monday, July 11, 2011

I Desperately Need Your Help!

So, my DSP sister, GP Ching, ordered me to make a doll. I honestly have no clue why, but I thought it would be fun.

Turns out it was a little too fun. I spent six hours playing around with the doll maker because, yanno, I have nothing better to do with my time. <insert snort here>

I came up with two dolls and I need you to help me choose which one I'll tell GP to use for whatever nefarious idea she needs to execute.

Doll One:

Totally cute, right? She's a redhead, like me. She wears a lot of black, like me. She loves hats & cute shoes, like me. She's Goth, which is not like me but I've always wished I was.

The gloves on her hands totally rock and so do the lacy red tights.

But then I made....

 Doll Two:

She's got amazing hair, unlike me. She's not afraid to wear teeny tiny clothes, unlike me. She wears awesome Goth boots, unlike me. And those thigh-high striped tights? Soooooooo not me.

But she's hot. Totally hot.

I don't know if GP should get the doll that's mostly like me, or the doll I wish I was!

So tell me below what you think!!!!


  1. I like doll one better so I vote for her.

  2. I LOVE the long hair doll! She is hot! But I think you should with the one that is more like you

  3. I love the hair on #2, but my vote goes to #1. Overall I like her look better.

  4. From a guy's perspective, #2. Totally hot always wins.

  5. I like doll number one. I think it's the hat that got me. Or the gloves. I dunno but she's cute.

  6. Doll 2, because breaking out of molds is fun. Also, it's just a cleaner look. I feel like there is too much going on with #1.

  7. Give both along with your reasons so that GP can choose the one that works the best.

    But I'd go with #1, who looks more like you <3

  8. Love 'em both but #2 is so cute! BTW, your blog looks so cool now! If you'd really like to waste time you should check out GaiaOnline - you can dress up your avatar in thousands of great costumes. It's a wonder I get any writing done:(

  9. Doll two!!! I lover her hair, face, all that stuff, so she definitely gets my vote. (: (: (: