Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Suck It Up & Deal with It

On Monday, another publishing bomb was dropped. BookEnds, LLC, a major literary agency, is opening up to epublishing. That's right, they aren't just repping authors or allowing their authors to epublish, they are literally opening up a new arm of their company that will be an ebook publisher.

Read about it here.

*take a breath*

I hope you didn't just read their post, but also the bajillion comments below it. This is how it read to me:
The one on top is Anonymous. The one on the bottom is anyone who thought BookEnds was doing the right thing.

Now I found all of the comments a little funny. You'd think I'd be the kid on top, right? I'm an indie author; I'm self-published. Was Anon right in some of the things she said? Sure. However, once she started attacking people, I became disgusted. Thanks for giving the rest of us a bad name.

Can any person on this planet with half a brain hire an editor, cover designer, and formatter? Sure. Can anyone do some/all of those things herself? Sure.


Yes, there was a bit brought up about ethics, but as far as I've seen BookEnds is an extremely ethical lit agency and probably will be just as ethical an epublisher. But guess what? Any author who signs a contract with them shouldn't do it without the help of competent attorney. The author bears responsibility in this as well. BookEnds has been very open about what they're doing, except for the nitty gritty. Let them work that out with their authors. I'm sure if an author has a proven track record, their contract might be more favorable than yours. Is that fair? No, but it is business.

If I ever choose to work with an agent (never say never, right?), I don't want people yapping in my ear about how I'm a traitor or a cheater. Oh wait, that already happened to me when I decided to epublish. Yeah, some trad pubbed "friends" of mine called me those names. That's their petty problem, not mine.

You know what? I don't really care. I'm happy with my decisions and I hope other writers are too. Look at the amazing array of publishing options we have now. It's AWESOME! Take advantage of the options. Look at what suits your needs. Be realistic. Have fun. I know I am!


  1. Well put Megg. It doesn't matter what happens, there's that little group that's unhappy.

    Now that self-publishing is "Accepted" the hardcore traditionalists hate it.

    Agents realize the publishing world is shifting, so their adjusting their seats. Every agent is doing it differently because nobody knows what to expect. I highly doubt BookEnds, as a well respected Literary Agencies, is going to open up to this world of ePublishing, and start scamming people. But because they're trying to change WITH the times, there is that other small group that attacks them.

    We're indies, and just as the traditionalists are not better than us, and we'd scoff at them if they say otherwise. We aren't better than any other. We are each our own person. And you're right!It is each writers choice on how they do things. That's what makes this buisness great. WE decided which road we travel!

    As for people tearing you down for the choice you made. In the words of C-Lo Green "'Forget' You." You're a great writer, building a great audience, and receiving awesome reviews. Keep it up! You ARE awesome, and anyone who says otherwise neeeds a #troutslap. :)

    Great post.

  2. Megg, you keep doing what you're doing because you have followers who will go where you go. I agree that there are a lot of self published books out there (I'm review books on my blog The Ink Puddle as a hobby... I've seen a few that are just disgusting that I don't even bother to finish reading because of it.), but like you said, that's their decision. And they probably aren't the books that are getting many buys from readers. The authors that truly care about their work and want to be successful (like you) will always take the time to do it. Unfortunately, you can't catch every mistake- it's self-publishing for a reason- and so to a lot of people that's all they see, the mistakes, errors and typos.

    But they're the ones missing out because I have to say, some of the best books I read are the ones that were rejected time and time again by ignorant publishers.

  3. Thanks to both of you! I think authors need to stop ragging on each other. For once, there's room for everyone. At first it was the trads ragging on the indies. Now it's the indies ragging on the hybrids. Oy.

    I think what BookEnds is doing is cool. Managing the business side of ebooks is time consuming. Not everyone has the time to take care of it. If people want to pay for help, that's their choice. At least that's my opinion... :)

  4. Great thoughts. The things that bother me most is when writers (I thought we were supposed to be on the same side) start jumping all over each other for the choices each person makes. It's sickening.

  5. I hear you Megg. I'm so tired of the 'them' vs. 'us' war. It's ridiculous. As writers, we should support another writer's decision, whatever that may be. Advice is one thing. Debate is even okay. Everything else? Unprofessional and childish. No one can fully comprehend what another writer's true needs are and it shouldn't matter. We all want to write, sure. But aside from that, we don't all want the exact same things.

  6. Totally on your side Meg - it took me a while to reconcile myself and get my head around ebook publishing, but after owning my Kindle and realising that success in the Kindle world is just as valid as success through traditional methods, I think it's an amazing new opportunity!

    There's no wisdom in ripping each others' heads off over publishing methods. People who do are a few pages short of a novella ;)