Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Sundering's Blog Tour!!!!

Just a couple of short weeks ago, I released The Sundering out into the world!!!! Now she's about to take a little trip around the blogosphere. You should join her, too, because it helps you get more chances to win some pretty awesome prizes!

Prizes are:

A medieval prize pack:
  • A hand-stitched pillow made from a tapestry fragment. I actually watched the owner of RavenStone Castle put it together!
  • A handmade pouch from Idiorhythmic Designs. The owner, Raechel, lives in my town so I was able to select the perfect bag (and if you read The Sundering, you know why this bag is important).
  • A set of postcards and a bookmark from Mystic Moon Media.
A copy of the entire Song of Eloh Saga in your choice of ebook format (contains: The Initiate, Anathema, Oubliette, Severed, Sleepers, Afterlife, The Sundering)

A $25 gift card to Amazon

Visit each blog on the tour for your chance to win these great prizes!!!! You can also enter on the Rafflecopter form below. Thanks for following me and good luck!

Tour Stops:

9/24 - A Soul Unsung
9/25 - Confessions from Romaholics
9/27 - Leeanna.Me
9/29 - The Busy Bibliophile
9/30 - Lose Time Reading
10/1 - A Book and a Latte
10/2 - Books for YA
10/3 - Lizzy's Dark Fiction
10/4 - Librarian Mouse
10/5 - Compelled by Words
10/6 - Once Upon a Time
10/8 - Obsession with Books
10/9 - Imaginary Reads
10/10 - Contagious Reads
10/11 - I'm a Book Shark
10/12 - Mama Knows Best
10/13 - Nette's Bookshelf Reviews
10/14 - Reader Girls
10/15 - Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer
10/16 - Breathe in Books
10/17 - Fade into Fantasy

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Introducing Isobel Lucas!!!

What's a girl to do when she has another epic storyline in her brain, but it's totally different than the series she already released?

Give birth to a new pen name, of course!!!!

I want everyone to meet Isobel Lucas, my evil twin sister. ;)

Isobel's books are modern paranormal. They feature 18-year-old high school seniors who are caught up in something no one expects. The end of the world is coming in December, right? Well, for these kids, it's not a myth, it's reality.

Would I recommend Isobel's books to my current readers? Only if you like horny teens, bad language, and a touch of religious satire as they're hurtled toward Armageddon.

If it sounds like something you'd like, then check out Isobel. You'll find her on Facebook and on her blog.

Want to help me spread the word and enter to win something in the meantime? Check out the Rafflecopter widget below.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you in Isobel's world!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Buy My Books on iTunes


...just hours after I wrote this post, iTunes took down the offending Smashwords ebooks. lol. Coincidence? Maybe.... Anyway, if you were one of the customers who received a faulty ebook of Severed from iTunes, read on...

Soooo....something's totally screwy with Smashwords and iTunes. My books aren't even supposed to be on iTunes right now and I've struggled for weeks to get them down. Smashwords isn't responding to my queries, which doesn't help at all.

Somehow Severed got messed up on iTunes (which I can't figure out how it happened, but something's not right the with the interior files). People are asking for refunds in the review section, which I would happily authorize - if anyone in power would respond to my pleas for help.

So, for now, don't buy my books on iTunes. I'm trying to sever my iTunes distribution through Smashwords. Once that happens, I will be able to control everything on my own as a qualified distributor directly through iTunes.

No one ever said self-publishing wasn't filled with minefields. But hey, I'm working my butt off to get the problems fixed.

Anyone buy a copy of Severed on iTunes and receive the wrong product?

Drop me an email: - I'll work with you to solve it.