Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shoe Fetish: Red Plaid Heels

A couple of weeks ago I asked my tweeps what they want me to blog about. Mindy wanted to know about my guilty pleasure or my most embarrassing moment. I'll be honest, I don't think I've had my most embarrassing moment yet, but as for guilty pleasures, well, haha, that one was easy.

I have a thing for shoes. It's bad. Really, really bad. Imedla Marcos bad. Wikipedia tells me she owned 2,700 pairs of shoes. I'm not there yet, but maybe by the time I'm 90 I will be! Luckily it's my only vice so the hubby doesn't complain too much. ;)

When I was a little girl, my grandma, who I called Mudder, was the fanciest woman I knew. She wore it all: dresses, gloves, jewelry, and the most amazing shoes. The best part was that Mudder let me play with all of it. She never said, "Don't touch those," even though her furs and jewels were very expensive. But it was her shoes that captivated me most of all. Her bedroom closet was the space under the stairs and her shoeboxes were stacked under the risers like some kind of religious monument. Oh, believe me, I worshiped there frequently.

Back in 2006 I felt we were in a good financial place and I could finally start indulging in my one wish - to own expensive shoes. Now for me, expensive means more than $50. I've never bought a pair more than $150 either, so really, I'm still frugal.

Behold.....my first pair of expensive shoes:

$80 designed by Sugar

Two-and-a-half inch heels, red plaid with the cutest (and a little naughty) black lace inside. Bonus? They are the most comfortable pair of heels I own. I wear them all fall and winter and get tons of compliments on them. If the heels ever break or the fabric wears out, I may die. Simply die.

So now you know about my guilty pleasure. It's shoes. I might show more of them on my blog in the future. We'll see.... ;)


  1. I bought myself a pair of heels the other day. My first pair ever. They weren't expensive though and can be a little uncomfortable but I look good in them so as long as I'm not trying to walk everywhere in them I'm happy I got them. =)

  2. Nice!!! I love hearing about others guilty pleasures! You should line up a bunch of your fave shoes and take a pic so we can all drool!

  3. Patricia - oooh, once you get used to them I bet they're great. I'm more comfortable in heels than flats. :D

    Mindy - haha, thanks! Oooooh, if I did that I'd probably use up all of the space Blogger allows me. I think I'll post more of them from time to time. ;)

  4. I have a sister that is a shoe horse. She gave me a box of shoes, I think 10 pairs are in there, complete with tags. She bought them in the 70's and never wore them. Most of them are high heels with a couple of pairs of fancy flats. I know most of her shoes she buys in Italy when she flies out there every year.
    Too bad they are a size too small from me. of course I never go anywhere fancy enough for the shoes she has anyways! *L*

  5. Gabriella, I cried when I outgrew my mom & grandma's shoe size. I have Bigfoot-size feet (9 1/2 - 10).

    Fancy? HA! I throw on a cute pair of jeans and pair them with heels. Then I go to the grocery store. ;)

  6. I think my sister was secretly happy when all 5 of us sisters outgrew her shoes. She's a size 5 1/2, we're not. *L*
    Maybe next time I go shopping I'll have to wear some jeans and heels.

  7. You should. Own it. Everyone else will be jealous!!!

  8. My "expensive shoes" tend to be Steve Madden (and they're so comfy!), but I don't have a job where I can wear them right now, so they sit in my closet. Boo!

  9. Don't get me started on shoes,

    I have a love hate relationship.

    I used to work in a shoe shop at uni and got 50% off. So i bought heaps and heaps of expensive shoes and put them away "saving for later" Big boots and awesome shoes.

    Then when me moved to Ipswich in January this year EVERY SINGLE PAIN OF SHOES I OWNED got flooded under the 3 meters of flood water that entered the new house. *snif*

    I was left with: 1 pair of granny slippers that were on a table on the top floor, 1 pair of thongs that were in the car and the old works shoes i was wearing. Even my wedding shoes (for my wedding in 5 weeks) were in there.

    So now i hate shoes because i have none...

    --> Just have to buy more :-)


  10. Bonnie - I'm telling you, I wear mine everywhere. To the grocery store, to my kids' school. I don't have to be somewhere special to wear my heels. :D

    Sarah - OH NO! I can't even imagine what that would be like. I feel so, so sad for you!!! Though, yes, it is a great excuse to buy more. ;)

  11. I see why you had to have them. Cute shoes. I haven't been able to wear heels for many years. Hopefully that won't happen to you. Enjoy.