Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just Because: My Fav Movies

For kicks I thought I'd share my favorite movies with you. I loooooove to watch movies, so it's really hard for me to narrow it down.

First, Jurassic Park. OMG, I was in high school when this came out and I saw it in the theater three times. Can you say LOVE?! Before I saw it, I wanted to become an archaeologist. After I saw it, I knew I wanted to be an archaeologist. I'm not, but I did graduate with a minor in anthropology!!!!

Then there's Better Off Dead. I can still quote 90% of the movie and I still listen to the soundtrack when I'm driving. There isn't anything I don't love about it. John Cusack - hawt & hilarious!

Shall We Dance - can I even describe how much I love this movie? Hubby & I met swing dancing and he proposed to me during our ballroom dance class. I'd seen the original multiple times and was prepared to hate the Richard Gere version (mainly because I hated Richard Gere). I cried and cried in the theater, embarrassing my husband and myself. I loved it and honestly think it's better than the original. Oh, and now I love Richard Gere too. ;)

What are some of your fav movies??????


  1. OMG Jurassic Park is the bomb! One of the all time best movies ever! The other two... I haven't seen. Other movies I enjoy The Little Mermaid (I wanted to be Ariel, fins and all when I was little and still kind of do.) And pretty much anything with Tim Burton's name on it. The man in a genius!

  2. Well you already know I adore Jurassic Park. God I was like that too! I was at a rodeo when I was like 5 and all the other girls were like " I want to be a barrel racer" and I went " I want to be a paleontologist" I got a lot of funny looks.

    Other fav movies? Anything by Mel Brooks, Despicable Me, How to Train your Dragon, Nick and Nora's infinite Playlist, and the Mummy movies. <3

  3. Patricia - I loved Little Mermaid too (being a natural redhead, I had no choice), but I'm more of a Belle princess. ;) Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favs too!!!!

    Ky - bah, funny looks from other kids means you're awesome. ;) Mel Brooks - "The fifteen!" "The ten commandments!" LOL!

    I haven't seen Nick & Nora's yet and I really need to. I know I'd love it!!!! :D

  4. Jurassic Park is probably the best movie ever! It was on tv earlier tonight, and like all the times it airs I just HAD to sit down to watch it! :)

  5. Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies as a kid too. I adored dinosaurs and Steven Spielberg movies, so it was a win-win.

  6. LOVE Jurassic Park :) Michael Crichton wrote incredible books *sigh* Also agree with other comments, The Little Mermaid is another fav!

  7. Amy - haha, YES! We were watching it too. That's what inspired my post. :D

    Katie - Steven Spielberg always produces winners!!!

    Nicole - I've read Jurassic Park seven or eight times. I think it's one of the rare cases where the movie is just as great as the novel (even though there were many changes).