Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Case of the Empty Theater

When hubby & I eloped on Cape Cod (yeah, we're too weird to go to Vegas), we chose to take a day trip to Salem instead of heading out to Martha's Vinyard or Nantucket (see the weird theme here?). What a great town - but that's not what this post about it. So on the way back to the Cape we decided we'd stop and see The Mummy Returns at a theater we'd passed.

We were running a little late so hubby sped along the highways as if he was back on the Autobahn. With moments to spare we ran into the theater, bought some popcorn, and settled down for a great movie. I was particularly excited because, for me, this movie had a lot of eye candy - Brendan Fraser, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Oded Fehr, and of course The Rock. (So sue me, I love them all.)

After the movie was over and we still had the post-freaky-mummy tingles we ventured out into the lobby. All the lights were off. ALL of them. No one stood at the ticket counter. Even the concession stand was shut down and quiet. It was totally bizarre!!!! Hubby and I were a little freaked out - this sort of thing does not happen in Chicago. No one else there seemed concerned. In fact, they all left.

But hubby had to use the facilities and insisted he could not wait until we drove back to the Chatham Bars Inn (the most ah-may-zing hotel in the world, I might add). So he left me, alone in the dark with a life-size poster of the The Rock as the Scorpion King. While what seemed like twenty minutes went by, it was probably more like 30 seconds, I stared at The Rock and he stared at me.

And then - he blinked. I swear to God that picture of The Rock blinked at me!!!!

Needless to say, when the hubby came out of the bathroom I grabbed his hand and we raced out of there. Is that normal for theaters on the Cape to just close up after the last movie starts, leaving the patrons to let themselves out in total darkness?

Funny part? That isn't the creepiest thing that happened that day..... ;)

(This post is dedicated to Ky at Can't Find a Bookmark who mentioned on yesterday's post that she loves the Mummy movies!)


  1. What was the creepiest thing that happened that day?

  2. Can't wait to hear the creepiest thing. That wink thing sounds familiar. Lol

  3. Hehe, the creepiest thing happened during our day trip to Salem. ;)

  4. As a Massachusetts native, born and raised and lived there until I was 24 years old, I can tell you that any movie poster that winks at you has good taste.
    Seriously, I adore New England, and you're experience shows why the master of the macabre, Stephen King himself, writes about all the weird goings on in those haunted old towns. I remember in high school, I had a date with a cute girl, second date I think, and just like kids do, I took her out to a "haunted" cemetery surrounded by woods. She held my hand, and it was dark as hell, and was about ten o'clock or something, and we walked around joking and scared and all. Then, and there are no homes and only woods and it was dark, there was a chopping noise from deep in the woods. No kidding! I turned to her and said, "Who the hell would be chopping wood out here at this hour?", and she dropped my hand and bolted like a feline all the way back to the car. And of course, I had no clue; maybe she saw some boogie man or something. So I was on her heels, let me tell you. True story. And we never went out again, by the way.

    So, weird stuff happens in old New England. I have little doubt you and your husband weren't in any danger in the abandoned after show movie house. The employees had all been soundly murdered by then, and the ghostly killer was likely back in his GMC Gremlin high tailing it back to Provincetown by the time The Rock was winking at you. Steve

  5. Nice :-)

    Hate it when things like that happen... Leaves you feeling all jittery for a while.

    Can't comment on the usual habits as i am in Aussie, BUT i can say "EYE CANDY" give me those naughty little boys anyday!

    Have just watched that movie with the fiance about 2 weeks ago myself. He spent all movie calling out the quotes follow by "sarah stop eyeing up the bad smelly man with bad hair!!"


    anyway have a great weekend.