Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Day on Pixel of Ink

Yesterday was my day on Pixel of Ink - and it was amazing.

I've been on Kindle Boards for most of the year now and I'd heard a lot about Pixel of Ink. A LOT. So I went to the website and saw she was closed to submissions, but that she'd reopen in April. I checked every day for a solid reopening date and once it was posted I marked it on my calendar. Then I submitted, I paid the $119 fee, and was given my date: May 10, 2011.

Three weeks seemed like forever, but it came faster than I thought. Unfortunately the universe conspired against me yesterday. My DSL went out - kaput. I desperately checked my sales as much as I could on my iPhone, but it was an inadequate substitute. Emails from friends poured in, congratulating me on my rankings. I felt like everyone was having a party and I was stuck in traffic. I even spent a decent amount of time on the phone with my dad teaching him how to take a screenshot of my rankings - this was the best comic relief of the day.

What had I expected with a POI ad? I didn't have specific goals. I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best - and my results were far beyond my hopes.

I sold 111 ebooks yesterday (108 Kindle, 3 Nook). That's more Kindle copies than I sold the entire month of April. My Facebook fan page increased by more than 30 fans. I was invited to participate in two HUGE blog giveaways (more info on that in coming days) and asked to present a session on self-publishing at a local SCBWI meeting.

Did I make back my $119 investment? No. Not yesterday, but if I can keep the momentum going, this ad could be my big break. Of course, that's yet to be determined, but I want to have positive thoughts.

One of the most satisfying results of this ad was my Kindle ranking. I hit three bestseller lists, nestling my book between the likes of Cassandra Clare and Ally Condie - two Big Six-publishing novels. Could a self-pubbed author ask for more? Well, yeah, I'd like to be #1, but I'm willing to be patient.

Anathema also ranked in the 700s of ALL Kindle books. That's crazy-awesome.

Now I just need to keep the momentum going. I wish there was a secret formula, but there isn't. I'll continue to work hard and hope that I hit it big.


  1. You so deserved this!!! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations!! May the momentum continue! :)

  3. This is awesome, congrats!

  4. I've never heard of Pixel of Ink, but congrats, that sounds like an awesome result!

  5. This is so crazy awesome, Megg!!! Rock on!

  6. Didn't even know that site existed, so ty for the link and grats for making such good ratings!

    (What got me to buy your book was mainly the cover. It's mesmerizing.)