Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chapter One of Oubliette is a Little Bitch

Yeah, sorry for the language in the title.

Moving on...writing the first chapter of a sequel is a pain in the ass.

First chapters should be exciting without info dump, right? But when you're writing a sequel readers need to be reminded who everyone from the first book is while being introduced to new characters while maintaining excitement while setting the scene while moving along quickly while sucking the reader in.

Huh, don't know what I'm complaining sounds easy! ;)

Luckily I have fantastic readers/editors behind me and with their suggestions I'll be able to pull Chapter One together neatly. I need to finish soon - I promised a few book bloggers the chance to read an ARC of Oubliette. During launch week near the end of June they'll be reviewing the book (which is the scariest thing I've ever done because if they all hate it, I'll just die) while I run a contest in conjunction with the release. This time I'll be giving money to a charity very close to my heart - but more on that in the coming weeks.

Happy Thursday!



  1. You'll get through it just fine.

  2. Just a thought, Megg. Assuming you're writing in first person from Reychel again, info dump really isn't necessary unless it coincides with her thoughts. I wouldn't over think it, because it'll just bog you down -- as it seems to have already. Good luck.

  3. Better you than me! :) I don't think I could ever be a writer...that is why I love to read! Good luck and I am really excited to read it!