Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Love the Shoes, Hate the Fit

See those beauties? Red, patent leather, 3-inch wrapped heel, with an open toe.

Hawt, right?

The only problem is that my heels pops out the back, which makes them nearly impossible to walk in. I tried going down a size, but it was too tight in the toes and my heel still popped.

And yet, I bought them.

In real life I'm very down-to-earth. I don't buy designer clothes (though I do shop at White House Black Market...that's my upscale), I don't do anything interesting with my hair, and more often than not I'm in jeans and a tank top. Most of my friends are really surprised to hear how much I love Sex and the City because I'm not remotely like Carrie & friends, nor do I really want to live a life like theirs.

Why do I watch? For the shoes and because Carrie is a writer. But mainly for the shoes.

Does anyone out there have a tip for me to force these shoes to fit me? My feet aren't narrow, they're normal, and I already tried heel grabbers but they didn't work.

I need help!!!! I will not ever give up these shoes!!!


  1. LoL Jen! I just told my husband last night that I was considering duct tape!

  2. can you do tissue or a sock along the bottom in a way that no one will notice?