Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Psst...Wanna Win a $50 Amazon.com Giftcard?

Yeah, you read that right. $50 Amazon.com giftcard. But you have to work for it.

When I released Sleepers, I was kinda lazy. I just announced it on Facebook and Twitter and sent out some review copies. No fireworks. No cigars. Nothing.

That all changes today.

You have two weeks to enter. Here's how:

1. Download and print out the sketch of the Sleepers cover to the right. Then color it any way you want! Post it for the world to see, wherever you want - FB, Twitter, your blog, tramp stamp tattoo, whatevs. 1 entry.

2. Take a pic of yourself holding a sign that says, "It's time to wake up. Sleepers by Megg Jensen." Post it wherever you want - FB, Twitter, your blog, a sign stuck on a nerd's back, whatevs. 1 entry

3. Make a video of yourself waking someone up and then telling them about my book. This one would be hilarious, but I can't imagine anyone would do it. So, if you do, you get 5 entries just for doing it.

Make sure you tag me on these entries (on FB or Twitter) because if I don't see 'em, they don't count! Then fill out the form below. You can do each of these things once, for a total of 7 entries to win.

Blah, blah, blah - Must be 13 to enter or have parent's permission. Valid anywhere that can receive an Amazon.com gift card through email. Winner will be chosen through Random.com. Only for the sexy people. Contest ends Tuesday, August 23rd at 7pmCST (cuz I like to go bed early, none of that midnight crap here). Void where prohibited (whatever that means).


  1. Thanks Hannah, I thought it would nice to do something different. :)

  2. COLORING!!!!! Valerie, time to pull out the big guns . . Grabbing the BIG BOX of crayons!

  3. Megg. . . I don't have anyone I can really "wake up" and tell them about your book. I live pretty far from my close friends. However, whether it counts or not . . I'll set up a text message to go out at like 3am and send to my entire phone book of friends. Hehehehehhehehehe (At least my 3am text means something, better than all those FORWARD this for good luck crap they send me).