Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exceeding a Goal & Setting New Ones

When I decided to self-pub, I worried about sales. A LOT. I worried that my  mom would be the only person to buy my book. I worried no one would ever find my novels and I would be a sad, pathetic failure.

Luckily, someone (not my mom) bought my book on the first day it uploaded to Barnes&Noble. I hadn't announced it was there and I still have no clue who that person was, but wow, what a mental boost.

Success stories swirled in my head: Amanda Hocking, Joe Konrath, John Locke, LJ Sellers. I never once thought I'd be in their ranks. Did I want to be? Sure. I still want to be a famous rock star too, but it's not like I'm focused too heavily on it (particularly since I can't sing).

My goal all along has been to be a solid midlister - never a superstar. I wanted to build a solid fanbase of readers who like what I write. Simple? Ha, well, not as simple as it might seem.

Over the first month, a number appeared in my head: 1,000. I wanted to sell 1,000 books. That, I decided, would be my goal.

Well, earlier this week I surpassed 1,000 sales. It took me nearly seven months, but who cares? I DID IT! 1,000 paid sales of my books. It's unreal.

Now that I'm on the other side of 1,000, things don't look too awfully different. There's no BMWs, no champagne and caviar parties, no afternoons lounging by the pool while I watch the pool boy from the corner of my eye.

I'm looking forward. I want to be like my friend Sarra Cannon who has sold over 35,000 books. 35,000. Makes me seem like small peanuts, but it also reassures me there's a market out there for kick-ass YA novels. (You'll read more about Sarra on my blog in a few weeks - she's amazing and I know you'll love her as much as I do.)

Someone, who shall remain nameless, suggested I shouldn't tell anyone that I just hit 1,000. Why? Because there are authors out there doing better than me and some people might assume I'm not good enough because I'm not among the elite.

I call foul on that. There will always be someone better than me at everything I do. That doesn't mean I shouldn't celebrate what I have accomplished. Let's all stick our our tongues at that person and blow!!!!

 My eyes are focused ahead. I have great things in the works - new YA fantasy novels, a MG fantasy, a contemporary YA, and a series that will make you question everything you believe in. As for a sales goal, I'm now looking towards 5,000 sales. It could happen next month (yeah, right), or in two years, but I'm not giving up until I get there.

Thanks for riding this crazy roller coaster with me!!!!


  1. If every one of those 1000 readers, suggests to another friend, that's 1000 more. So if the cycle continues . . you could reach your 5000 in NO time!!

    So, everyone that read it and loved it (like I did) . . Suggest! Tell your mailman about it, or your hairdresser! Start a convo with the cashier. Just keep TALKING!!!!!

    Congrats Megg! Sooo happy for you!

  2. Strong ditto to what Stephanie said - 1000 is nothing to sneeze at and it will only grow from there. Congrats on what you've accomplished and full speed ahead!

  3. Congrats! 1,000 is a very solid number, and as an indie author myself, I appreciate you sharing stats.

  4. Well done! I dream of being a seller too, and even 1000 is quite the success in my little books!

  5. LOL

    sorry it is late and i am sick, but your little comment about "stick out your tongue and blow..." made me laugh.

    Possibly because I couldn't do that with my current Flu status. Anyway. Enough said.

    Congrats!! I believe that i have bought 3 of them:-) so that accounts for a couple.

    I agree with your sentiments, there will always be someone better than you out there. Always. keep that humility. It's good. Don't forget to believe in your own awesomeness as well. You have achieved more than many people that set out to write a book. You did it and sold over 1000 copies. Great news.

    If authors can't share and help each other and give goalposts for others then it is a lonely world out there.

    Congrats and i send you a big stack of #authorlove coming your way... In fact i will retweet the post and a link to the most recent book of yours that i bought for good measure.