Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ask...and You Shall Receive

I'm on a quest to turn into a decent public speaker.

In elementary and high school, I was really outgoing. I performed on stages, spent years on speech team, and acted in plays. I lived for pulling people's eyes to me. ME! ME! ME!

Then I went to college and kind of folded inward on myself. No more performing, no plays, no marching band, no stage performances, nada. I burrowed into expansive libraries and the hid in the back halls of museums. I relished in my quiet life.

But now, here I am in a career where I really should be out there talking to people about my books, and I want nothing more than to hide at home. Not good.

I'm hoping you guys can help me. Here's what I need from you:

Ask me a question down there in the comments, or on Twitter, or on Facebook - about anything, really. Ask me why I write fantasy. Ask me why I love zombies. Ask me about my love for medieval history. Ask me about electrical engineering (then you'll probably hear from my hubby who has a masters in it).

How will I answer? With a vlog. It's something that terrifies me, so I figure it's exactly what I should be doing. Right?

(OMG, seriously, I don't want anyone to respond to this. So if you do, you will not only receive my thanks for helping me crawl out of my shell, but probably also my ire for, well, making me crawl out of my shell.)


  1. Hi Megg! .. It's me your stalker. . er, fan!!

    Are you finished with Severed yet?!?!? Hehehe Hahaha

    If you could see your books made into film, have you ever thought who would play the parts?

    Stephanie O.

  2. As someone who is also an introvert (I prefer to live in my writing and imagination as well), I understand completely the freak out that comes with this. However, since it is a good thing to break out of the mold and force the boundaries of reality, I'll throw you a question(s) to help you on your way, Megg.

    I have a love for history as well. It started, oddly, when I was only allowed to watch one or two television programs as a child, one of which was a period show. Although the reality of it was definitely off pace in the fact realm, to this day, history has always fascinated me because of it. So, my question for you, is what sparked your love for history, medieval history especially? Was it a love of period literature and Shakespeare? Or did it start in an odd place like mine and grow from there? What 'humanity' (art, religion, architecture, culture, clothing, lifestyle, etc.) connects you most to the time period?

  3. OK, here's one. What's the most important lesson you learned about self-publishing, e-books and POD. OK … vlog.

  4. What was your inspiration for the cloud prophet trilogy?

  5. Why do you love to write fantasy? - I know you listed it, but as a budding (or so I like to think) fantasist myself, I'm just curious to know. Especially as I think we share a love (though mine is slightly obsessive) of medieval timesetting :)