Monday, April 4, 2011

Winner & What's Coming Next!!!!

There is a black hole in my brain where names are concerned, especially for important characters. I have so much trouble naming them and I'm thrilled people are willing to help me out!

Eighteen names were suggested for the prophet. If you've read Anathema, you know who he is. If you haven't, then you should go out and buy a copy. (Links to the right.) He plays a more prominent role in Oubliette and I couldn't get away anymore without a name.

I had a hard time choosing and I narrowed it down to seven favorites. Then my eight-year-old and I had a powwow. We discussed the merits of each name and quickly narrowed it down to two names. Then she told me it was too hard and I had to choose. So I went with my gut an chose:


I love Zelor. Just like my character it's creepy, old-fashioned, and a little insane.

A big congrats to LunaMoth, reader and book blogger with the most gorgeous website! Definitely check it out.

So what's coming up on the blog? On Tuesdays I'm starting a new feature called Trailer Tuesday. I happen to adore book trailers and I want to share some with my readers. It won't be only indies, I'll definitely feature some traditionally published books too.

On Thursdays I'm going to make an honest attempt to blog....about something....hopefully something interesting. I'm also open to suggestions if there's anything anyone wants to hear about self-publishing, or writing, or bats (which I know a lot about too).


  1. What was the 2nd name that you were going between?

  2. Murgoth. But I decided it sounded too much like a character from LOTR. :D

  3. Way to go Luna! Great name suggestion XD

  4. Thank you =) much appreciation