Friday, February 21, 2014

HIDDEN is in Paperback!!!!

Well, HIDDEN is officially available in paperback. You can order copies directly from the Barnes & Nobles website. I've also been told they can be ordered in-store, but I can't guarantee that, unfortunately. B&N can be persnickety about that sort of thing. At the time I'm publishing this post, they are selling HIDDEN for $11.85. Click here to order from B&N.

If you order a paperback of HIDDEN from Amazon, you are also eligible to download the ebook for free. It's my little gift to you! Currently, Amazon is asking $12.60. Click here to order from Amazon.

Or, if you want a SIGNED copy, you can order one directly from my website. I'm charging $12.00, including shipping and tax. You can order that here. If for any reason, there's a rush on paperbacks
and I run out of stock, I will let you know ASAP.

HIDDEN may be available from other sales outlets and bookstores, but these are the only ones I'm aware of right now.

HIDDEN has been more than a year in the making. I'm thrilled to have the paperback available now. :)



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