Monday, February 17, 2014

An Interview, An Author, and a Magic 8 Ball: Daniel Arenson

Welcome back to my interview series An Interview, An Author, and a Magic 8 Ball! I'll be bringing you a new author and a new giveaway every Monday this year. I hope you'll stop by to check out these  authors and enter to win some prizes!!!! :D

Please welcome international best-selling fantasy author Daniel Arenson!!! Read the interview, then enter to win: 
one ebook of Moth

Tell me about your novel in your own words, not the official synopsis.

DA: Moth is about a world that stopped turning many years ago, leaving it torn between day and night. Its one half lies in eternal daylight, the other in endless darkness. On each side, people have been evolving separately. The daylight people live in a lush land of plenty, the eternal sunlight giving rise to jungles, swamps, and forests. On the dark side of the world, all plants have vanished, and people have evolved to survive in darkness; their eyes have grown large, their skin is pale, their hair is white, and they feed of mushrooms and bioluminescent fish. Each side fears the other. When the people of daylight invade the darkness, vowing to defeat the "demons of the night," they find that things aren't quite what they believed.

MJ: I'm a big fan of your Moth series, which anyone who follows me knows! What's your next release?

DA: Moth is part of an ongoing series. Empires of Moth, the second book, was released last Christmas. The third volume, Secrets of Moth, is being released this month. The fourth volume, Daughter of Moth, will follow later this year

MJ: I cannot wait! If you were trapped on an island, what three books would you want to have with you?

DA: David Copperfield -- a book about what it means to be human.
Dragonlance Chronicles and Legends -- old favorite fantasy books.
The Chronicles of Amber -- another old favorite series.
My own books -- not to read but just to place on a bamboo shelf, reminding me of my old life.

MJ: Ooooh, great selection! :) What is your favorite color?

DA: Creepy goth purple, The Birthday Massacre style.

Niiiiice. Love it! What do you wear when you write?

DA: The nice thing about being a writer is that you don't have to wear any pants. The downside is that I'm not allowed to write in Starbucks anymore.

MJ: That Canada - so strict about their pants. In the US, the signs say: No shirt, No shoes, No service. We don't have to wear pants. ;) What's your favorite vacation spot?

DA: A couple years ago, we went to Rice Lake in Ontario. Very peaceful!

MJ: I love Ontario. So many beautiful places. Do you have any pets?

DA: We're currently looking to buy a dog. I'll get back to you. :)

MJ: Aw, doggie! Good luck in your search! Now, I need YOU to ask ME a question about absolutely anything under the sun. It has to be a yes or no question and will be answered by my all-knowing Magic 8 Ball! The question can be serious or silly - it’s up to you.

DA: Will the next Star Wars movie be great?

MJ: OMG, I predict it's going to suck (but you know I'll see it in the theater anyway).

M8B: It Is Decidedly So

MJ: Oh, fine then, M8B. Disagree with me, why don't ya? We'll see if it's any good. We'll see...
Daniel, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. It was great chatting with you!


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