Monday, November 7, 2011

Severed's Blog Tour!!!!!

Wow, I can hardly believe this day is here. It's just one in a trail of many to come, but today I'm announcing my stops for Severed's Blog Tour. Yes, I'm that close to release and I'm more than a little freaked out. So instead of dwelling on how this is the beginning of the end of the Cloud Prophet Trilogy, I'm just going to go ahead and stop kvetching. Right? (OMG, totally ignore the tears...please...)

Severed's Blog Tour Stops:

Monday, November 28th: The Bookish Brunette
Tuesday, November 29th: Magical Urban Fantasy Reads
Wednesday, November 30th: The Caffeinated Diva Reads
Thursday, December 1st: Two Chicks on Books
Friday, December 2nd: The Top Shelf

Monday, December 5th: Can't Find a Bookmark
Tuesday, December 6th: That Bookish Girl
Wednesday, December 7th: Read 2 Review
Thursday, December 8th: Me, My Shelf & I
Friday, December 9th: Hesperia Loves Books

Monday, December 12th: The Writer's Voice
Tuesday, December 13th: Words to Follow
Wednesday, December 14th: Woven Myst
Thursday, December 15th: Smash Attack Reads!
Friday, December 16th: Books with Bite


  1. EXCITED!!!!

    Can't wait for the release.

    Stephanie O.

  2. Wow, what a blog tour!!! So many good stops!

  3. Asdf Jkl semi-colin! (Sometimes when I get excited, I write in qwerty.)

    I am SO excited and I want my copy!

  4. Squeezles! Sooooo excited for you Megg!

    I'd better get Anathema downloaded and start reading! At least I won't have to pester you for the next book, eh? ;)

  5. Don't cry! This is an exciting time!