Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Last Chance for 1st Edition Paperback & First Chance for a Bookmark!

When I published Anathema, I did my best to make sure it was as well-edited as it could be. I honestly believed there was not even one tiny mistake. Four people independently reviewed my manuscript and we were all confident we'd caught everything. I held my breath and hit publish, certain it was ready.

I was wrong.

The hubby found a typo - though instead of thought.
Then my fellow DarkSide author, Angela Carlie found another.
So did my nearly 90-year-old grandpa - firsts instead of fists.

Being the perfectionist I am, I couldn't let it go.

On April 1st, I'm releasing a 2nd edition paperback of Anathema. The typos are corrected and it's changing a bit in the interior (not the cover - it's staying its perfectly awesome self).

From the original 50 paperbacks I ordered, I have less than ten left. I want to sell them. Why buy a book with typos? Well, on the off-chance I become famous (haha!) this 1st edition may someday be worth a TON of money. It's an $11 investment, folks. That's it. (Well, you have to add shipping too.)

And, anyone who orders one of these 1st edition paperbacks directly from me will also get a bookmark for Oubliette. You know you want one of those!!!!!

So if you want to order a paperback, send me an email at and we'll get the sale worked out. First come, first served.

*UPDATE 3/30/2011* All 1st editions are sold out.


  1. aww I hope I can get my copy of the first edition then! The one that the postal office wouldn't through their customs process :(

  2. I think that's all going to be take care of on Friday!!! :D

  3. Even books by best selling authors have typos. Not a big deal.

  4. Thanks GP! :D

    True, Jay. But unlike traditionally published authors, I have the power to go back and change it. Love being an indie. :)