Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not Twiddling My Thumbs - REALLY!

I have been on edge for the last two weeks. I want to officially launch my book, but there was a holdup with my paperback. Unfortunately something happened that was beyond my control and everything had to be resubmitted. I don't want to go into it or complain about any particular company, mainly because they were so good about correcting the problem. Unfortunately these things take time and here I am, eagerly awaiting my book launch.

If the e-books are out, why am I waiting? I want everyone to be able to participate in my contest, and that includes people who want a paperback. There is an element of my contest that involves people who purchase a copy of my book and it's not fair to leave anyone out.

The great news is that since I unofficially launched my e-books last week, I've sold 44 copies (28 e-books and 14 paperback pre-orders). I think that's fantastic considering I've done almost nothing in the way of promotion. Heck, I'm thrilled that someone other than my mom bought a copy!

My hope is that the contest will launch Friday, but depending on the paperback's time frame, it might be Monday. Thanks so much for sticking with me - I really appreciate it!!!! I PROMISE you, this contest will be ah-may-zing!

Hint - anyone who is a fan of my Facebook page before the contest starts has a slight advantage. I want to reward everyone who's been sticking with me since the beginning. If you haven't followed me on FB yet, you can do so with the widget to the right.


  1. Holy! Congrats on the sales so far! I haven't read the book yet, but from the first chapter, I can tell people are going to like it!

    I almost wish you would share your experience of what happened with the paperback, just for us authors who will be following in your footstep pretty soon. ;) I understand if you prefer not to though.

    Angeline Kace

  2. Well....I submitted my document to CreateSpace. They sent me a message back telling me my pagination was off. I was very confused because I'd added an extra page between the TOC and Ch. 1 to alleviate that problem. Then I became very confused, thinking I had misunderstood something.

    So I changed the doc the way they suggested, they approved it and I ordered the proof. Guess what? They were wrong. I'd had it right the first time. My writing partner, G.P. Ching urged me to call them.

    I did. They realized that their rep was wrong and offered to send me a new proof copy. Unfortunately it takes time for the document to upload & be approved. More time for them to ship it. The more time for the book to show up on Amazon.

    Hopefully it will show up soon!!! And CS was really good about correcting the problem, which was a big relief.

  3. CreateSpace is weird sometimes. I have heard from 2 other authors that they had a problem with their cover not being approved or something. They had it right, and CreateSpace had to manually over ride the error.

    It is good to hear these things, so I know what to expect and to trouble shoot more quickly. Thank you!

  4. 28 ebooks?! Wicked! Totally kicking my hiney! I'm so proud!

  5. Well I'm glad they got everything straightened out!

  6. Karly - I just hope I can keep it up! :)

    Ky - Me too. It's been stressful, but only because I'm so anxious to get moving on selling the book. ;)