Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anathema Launch Contest!!!!!

You've got to be wondering, What's up with the jelly beans?

You know those contests where you have to guess how many jelly beans are in a jar? Well, in honor of my release of Anathema I'm going to let you guys guess how many copies I'll sell of my book through March 11th!!!! (Hint - I've already sold 50!)

The prizes are listed below - keep reading because you'll want to win this contest!!!

You have to earn your chances to guess the total I sell.

Here's how to earn guesses: (You can pick & choose, you DO NOT have to do all of them.)
  • Buy a copy of Anathema (links to everywhere it's sold at the bottom of this post) - 2 guesses
(must prove by emailing me a pic of you with the book or with your e-reader on Chapter Ten of Anathema - your picture may end up on my blog!!!! I cannot guarantee how fast Amazon will ship your book. If the contest is nearly over and your copy hasn't arrived, drop me an email.)
  • Promote & link to this contest on your Facebook page - 1 guess
(if we're not FB friends, take a screenshot & email it to me or send me a friend request & tag me in the post)
  • Promote this contest on Twitter with a link to the contest - 1 guess
(tag me, @meggjensen1, so I can see the tweet for verification)
  • Blog about this contest with a link to the contest - 1 guess
(link to your post in your comment below)

No purchase is necessary to play. There are plenty of options above to play for free!

Add up your total and post a comment below, telling me how you earned your chances to guess & leave your email address so I can contact you if you win. Don't forget to guess how many copies you think I'll sell!!! You can enter as many times as you. Want to Tweet about this every day? No problem - just leave a new comment each time. I will be checking to make sure they are valid!!!

Comment example (for those of you new to this type of contest):
Bought Kindle copy = 2 guesses (sending you my pic!)
Already FB fan = 2 guesses
Promote on FB (we're friends & you can see it) = 1 guess
5 guesses = 0; 343; 29,845; 1,243,984; 1 billion
contact: (your email address here)

Family & friends are allowed to guess because let's face it, I have no clue how many books I'll sell by March 11th. It could be one (thanks, Mom!). It could be a million. No one has an advantage over anyone else!

So, I'm sure you're wondering, What will I win?

I'm glad you asked!!!

One (1) Barnes & Noble nook. $149 WiFi b&w ereader or one (1) $139 amazon.com WiFi only Kindle - YOUR CHOICE!!!! And a free e-copy of Anathema!
(If you already own an e-reader, you can opt for one (1) $150 gift card to Barnes & Noble or amazon.com)
(International winners will receive an international amazon.com e-gift card equivalent to $150 U.S.)

First Runner-Up
$25 Barnes & Noble or amazon.com gift card and a free copy of Anathema (an e-copy or a signed paperback, your choice)

Second Runner-Up
DarkSide Publishing gift pack: a free copy of both Anathema and Into the Shadows by Karly Kirkpatrick (your choice of e-copies or signed paperbacks)

If no one hits the number on the nose, the closest person will win. In the event of a tie, I will let my daughter choose names out of a hat.

Ready? Set! GO!

(links in case you want to purchase Anathema)
Buy Anathema on Barnes&Noble - $2.99
Buy Anathema on Amazon.com, UK - £2.17
Buy Anathema on Amazon.com, ebook - $2.99
Buy Anathema on Amazon.com, paperback - $11.00 + s/h
Buy Anathema on Barnes&Noble, paperback - $11.00 + s/h 
Buy a signed & personalized paperback copy  of Anathema directly from Megg - $11.00 + shipping

Contest Ends: March 11th
Winner Announced: March 15th

Must be at least 18 years old to enter & win. Under 18? You need your parent's permission to claim the prize if you win.


  1. Okay, here goes!

    2 points for my guesses: 117 & 4,328,691.

    1 point for new follower on Facebook.

    1 point for tweeting about the contest (but I don't know if "Megg" is following me there, so you'd have to look at my twitter profile @becky_levine to see it, I think!)

    1 point for sharing your contest announcement on my Facebook page.


  2. Woo hoo! Contest time!

    Already FB fan = 2 points
    Promote on FB (we're friends & you can see it) = 1 point
    Tweeted = 1 point
    Don't have a hard copy yet, but I sent you a message about buying one from you.

    4 points: 75, 102, 126, 153

    contact: not going to put my email here, but we're friends on facebook.

  3. Alright..
    FB Friend - 1 guess
    Shared - 1 guess
    BN purchase (will send pic later) - 2 guesses

    Guesses: 93, 105, 133, 206

    Amber Wojo

  4. How fun!!

    Already a FB fan = 2 guesses
    Promoted on FB = 1 guess
    I sent you a request for a signed hardcopy = 2 guesses

    My guesses = 110; 124; 143; 201; 501

  5. I think I get five guesses too.

    I shared, I'm a FB fan, and and I just e-mailed you today for a signed copy.

    I'm guessing 98, 149, 178, 206, and 453
    Tee hee, it's like playing the lottery.

  6. New FB Fan +1 guess.
    Bought for my kindle +2 (sending you pic!)
    So.. 3 Guesses!
    140, 88, 210.


  7. Bought a copy=2 (will send you a pic as soon as it's delivered)
    Already fan on FB=2
    Blog Post=1 http://findabookmark.blogspot.com/2011/02/anathema-launch-contest.html

    So I guess that's six! My guesses: 87,95, 109,148,174,201


  8. Fun contest! I may have to try it myself sometime.

    Already FB fan = 2 guesses
    Promote on FB = 1 guess
    Promote on Twitter = 1 guess
    Blog about Contest w/link = 1 guess

    5 guesses = 89, 104, 93, 121, 77
    contact: (megan_duncan@live.com)

  9. Wow! Incredible contest!! So glad I stumbled upon this post because I also discovered your fantastic novel. Anathema sounds amazing!

    +1 New follower on FB fanpage
    +1 Tweeted - http://twitter.com/#!/peacelovebooksx/status/40393496208609280

    Total: 2 guesses - 111, 227


  10. What a fun contest.
    Fan on FB - 1 guess
    Posted on FB (we're friends, you can check it out) - 1 guess

    172, 223
    Contact: akhertz@aol.com

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Already Fan on FB = 2
    Posted on FB = 1
    Buying Book From you = 2
    5 Guesses = 88, 103, 123, 153, 1 million!

    Hope I'm the winner with the last guess!!!! - Terah (you know my email)

  13. Your book looks great, Megg. Good luck with it. I read about it through Becky Levine's blog, so word is getting around.

    Here's my entry:

    New Fan on FB = 1
    Posted on FB = 1 (I sent you a friend request)
    Tweeted = 1 (I'm samclarkwrites)
    Blogged = 1 (http://bit.ly/h4960a)
    4 guesses = 220, 670, 840, 1001

  14. Liked on FB -
    Tweeted (http://twitter.com/#!/SherWordsGirl)
    Facebooked (https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1012363628)

    That should be 3 guesses: 126, 158, 119

    BTW, the book looks and sounds amazing!

  15. Oh Lord, I always was terrible at math.. I think two guesses.. FB fan and a tweet..???
    Anyway... I'm thinking 91 and 133
    Good luck with everything!

  16. Great contest!

    Okay, I'm a new follower -- 1 guess
    Shared link on FB -- 1 guess
    Bought e-copy of Anathama -- 2 guesses
    (photos coming)

    4 total guesses: 196, 234, 263, 327

  17. I learned about you on Samantha Clark's blog, which is how I found the contest, and why I bought your book! *Great marketing* Best of luck with your book!

    Bought Kindle copy = 2 guesses (sent my pic
    New FB fan = 1 guess
    Promote on FB (we're friends & you can see it) = 1 guess
    4 guesses = 96; 256; 315; 986
    contact: dine@sarellos.com

  18. Great contest, Megg!

    One guess for tweeting @narrawriter with a mention. I will buy a copy of the book, but would rather not do the whole picture thing. I'm weird about self-portrait-type stuff.

  19. Thank you to everyone who stopped by today for Sample Sunday. :D

  20. New FB fan = 1 guess(sent you fan request name is Jennifer Hardy Jackson)
    Promote on Twitter = 1 guess (@yourjenjackson)

    2 guesses: 181, 281
    contact: DreamyCowgirl @ hotmail.com

  21. Fun idea. Lets see.

    New FB Fan - 1 guess
    Tweet - http://twitter.com/#!/DonnaS1/status/43155667036409856 - 1 guess
    blog - http://donnasbloghome.blogspot.com/2011/03/megg-jensen-anathema-launch-contest.html - 1 guess

    Guesses - 191, 303, 510

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  22. New Fan on FB(1)
    Bought a copy(2)
    Promote link on FB(1)
    Tweet about it(1)

    94; 115; 185; 76; 139

  23. new fb fan = 1 guess

    guess = 187


  24. Sandrad600@yahoo.com

    I couldn't find how to join, but I love these types of books and I can't wait to get yours! Love YA books, even though I'm getting on in years (yuck!)

    new FB fan 1 guess

    tweeted about it 1 guess

    So I'm guessing 543 and 951

  25. New FB fan = 1 guess
    Promote on FB (we're friends & you can see it) = 1 guess

    3 guesses: 333, 369, 999,
    contact: you know how to reach me. :-)

  26. new FB fan= 1 Guess
    tweeted about it= 1 guess

    2 guesses =146 and 250


  27. Forgot to put my guess with my earlier post: 393

  28. OK...I get a few guesses here.

    New FB follower=1
    Promote & link on FB=1
    Tweet about it=1

    Here are my 3 guesses: 99; 155; 212


  29. Ok...so:

    current fb follower - 2
    promoted on fb ---- 1
    buy copy, take pic on ch. 10 and email it to you (you should have received it at your Megg email address) --2
    My 4 guesses: 525, 675, 822, 1250


  30. 5 guesses: bought copy, previous fb fan, posted contest link to fb.
    150, 250, 350, 450, 10000000000.

  31. 3 guesses: bought copy from you & new FB fan
    I never win the lottery so I'm really bad at guesses but here goes:
    97, 132, 243

  32. I posted this earlier, but I don't see it anywhere! Don't know what happened. This is a repost of where I blogged about it at
    http://sandradeesphotography.blogspot.com/ so I hope I get an extra guess. Can't remember the last guess, so here's a new one.

    Blog guess will be 220