Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Using a Pen Name

I know what you're thinking - I'm e-pubbing and using a pen name. I'm obviously ashamed of my work. Right? Wrong.

For the people who know me in real life, I've been very honest about what I'm doing with books and the name I'm using. I posted about it on Facebook twice yesterday. Obviously I don't care if they know.

So why bother?

Easy. I've always wanted to be a superhero. Every good superhero has a secret identity. Oh wait a sec, I'm an author, not a hot chick with superpowers. Damn.

My real answers are simple...

First, I have a career as a freelance parenting journalist. I'd like to keep the two careers separate. My audiences could overlap, but if I'm being searched on Google for one, I don't need the other muddying up the results.

Second, I do a ton of volunteer work in real life. My real name is connected to that on the web as well. Just one more thing to pollute my search results.

Third, I like having a private life. Is that so wrong?

Wow, this reveal was a little boring, right? It's just something I felt I should get out of the way before moving on with my book-related posts.

I'm plowing ahead quickly and first on my list is cover art. I've discovered this amazing artist and I hope to employ her soon. In fact, I'm sending off an email today. This is where the book publishing gets fun! I have a great idea in my head and I hope it translates well to a cover!!!


  1. Nah, it wasn't boring.

    I'm already thinking the same thing with my name for all the reasons you stated too. And right now I write paranormal romance, but I have written sci-fi in the past and have one on my laptop now. If I have pen names I can write anything I want without confusing or alienating fans of my original work right?

  2. I think that's another good reason - switching genres. Even NYT Bestselling authors do that, right? :-)

  3. The straw that broke my camel's back was the day I googled myself (because I has several shorts published online) and got a map with an arrow pointing to my house. Um, EW!

  4. Dear Megg aka Hot Chick,
    Since I have no personal life, I don't mind using my real name.
    Senor Guadalupe (Mexican Virgin Mary) Fernandez