Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creating a Cover

One of my favorite aspects of going indie has been the control factor. Everyone who knows me will tell you what a control freak I am. When I was pursuing traditional (trad) publishing, I knew that I'd have little to no input on my cover.

What a bummer, right?

Don't you hate it when a cover totally misrepresents a book? The hair color is wrong, the clothes aren't even close and there have even been some books where the SKIN COLOR is wrong, like African-American main characters portrayed as Caucasians on the cover. That is so, so wrong.

I have a basic concept of where my cover is going and unless they're lying to me, my indie buddies agree with me - my cover is absolutely amazing. It's a black background (my favorite color, natch) and depicts a scene from my novel. It's fantastic and I can't wait until it's done so I can share it with you. It will be an amazing reveal (crap....sounding like reality shows again...)!

I've spent more time staring at the artwork than I should, really. I have to get back to revisions. None of this is worth it unless I have a book to share with you, right?


  1. OMG it's SO pretty! I can't wait until you can show it off!

  2. Megg,

    Just found you from Robin Ludwig's site. I am excited for you, and your cover turned out AMAZING!!!! This is why I want Robin to do mine (when I finally get to that point). I look forward to following you on your journey and for when your book releases! Yep, just judging by the cover, I HAVE TO READ IT!

    Scrittore- Italian for Writer

  3. Hey Melissa,

    Robin did an amazing job for me. I highly recommend her!!! It's great to meet you. :-)


  4. Oh, I forgot to ask, when are you releasing the book?

  5. Hopefully end of February at the latest. I'm working on final edits now.

    Are you on Facebook? If so, drop me a friend request. I'm the only Megg Jensen. ;)

  6. Great cover! Who is this Robin everyone is speaking of?

  7. Robin Ludwig Design, Inc.