Monday, January 27, 2014

An Interview, An Author, and a Magic 8 Ball: Sean Sweeney

Welcome to my interview series An Interview, An Author, and a Magic 8 Ball! I'll be bringing you a new author and a new giveaway every Monday this year. I hope you'll stop by to check out these  authors and enter to win some prizes!!!! :D

Please welcome thriller author, Sean Sweeney!!! Read the interview, then enter to win one of five ecopies of his novel, Redeemed (via Smashwords coupon codes).

MJ: Tell me about your novel in your own words, not the official synopsis. Since I've written a bunch of books, it's hard to pin one down, but let me tell you about REDEEMED. REDEEMED is the story of a man that runs from police one early summer's day in
1988, kills a cop, and goes to prison until 2004. Remember that there were no federal statutes for cop killers at that time.

Upon his release, Duane Thompson finds no welcome as he returns to Boston, and so with the help of a friar, he escapes the city and heads to the central part of Massachusetts. He leads a city into prosperity--until the cop that had arrested him tracks him down.

It all leads back to Boston in 2023, where the city is under the control of a corrupt government. It takes a fiery denouement to break their control.

MJ: Ooooh, sounds like a great read! What's your next release?

SS: My next release will be one of two projects: either a murder mystery which I wrote this past fall, or my fifth Jaclyn Johnson thriller, LITERARY AGENT.

MJ: Nice! Can't wait to read it. :) If you were trapped on an island, what three books would you want to have with you?

SS: Lord of the Rings (a really big hardbound edition), Jim C. Hines' Libriomancer, and Mike Crane's Giggles novella

MJ: Hey, I know Mike Crane. Crazy bastard. Love him! Who is your celebrity crush?

SS: Debbie Gibson

Love her too! What do you wear when you write?

SS: Clothes! You perv.

MJ: *shrugs* A girl has to ask. ;) What's your favorite vacation spot?

SS: Cape Cod. My fiancee's grandmother is part of one of the original families of Truro, Massachusetts, and the family homestead is there. We go down there a few times a year to get away from the mainland.

MJ: I love the cape. I got married there! Do you have any pets?

SS: Yep, we have five cats--Ziggy Puff, Diva, BatCat, Squeaky, and Spooky--and two horses, Alex and Jesse.

MJ: Now, I need YOU to ask ME a question about absolutely anything under the sun. It has to be a yes or no question and will be answered by my all-knowing Magic 8 Ball! The question can be serious or silly - it’s up to you.

SS: Will your Chicago Cubs come through this year, or will they continue to look like crap?

MJ: Ooooooh, them's fighting words. Let's see what M8B has to say....

M8B: Better not tell you now.

MJ: My interpretation: The Cubs are awesome whether they win or lose, so your question is invalid. ;)

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Sean! It was great hosting you. I hope everyone enters the Rafflecopter below to win a copy of Sean's book, Redeemed!


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