Monday, October 21, 2013

Editing HIDDEN: Step 3 - Labeling the Note Card

In Step 1 I told you part of my first editing pass included writing the theme of each chapter on a note card. Despite multiple distractions, I was able to complete that over the weekend.

I started HIDDEN in the fall of 2012 and wrote in spurts around my husband's double spinal fusion (which was a very stressful time and not conducive to creativity). Much of the first quarter of the novel was a bit fuzzy in my memory. Over the past weekend, I did a lot of skimming to remind myself exactly what was happening early on. The later chapters were a breeze.

I wanted to show you how I label my cards before telling you what I'm going to do with them.

 Blank, white, 3x5 note cards are my favorite.

Okay, so in the upper right corner, you'll see a 1 and a T.

The 1 indicates the corresponding chapter in my text. I also marked the top right of the printed chapter with this number so it'll be easy to cross-reference later.

At this point, all the note cards are in numerical order. That won't be the case forever. And, it doesn't mean note card 1 is Chapter One. It just happens to be the first chapter I cataloged (I used to be a curator in a museum - some organizational habits die hard - I catalog everything).

The T refers to the POV (point of view) character. Since this is my first novel with multiple POVs, I need that to be indicated as well.

The blue blob is my description - well, it was until I took a picture and put the blob over it. Can't give away anything about the plot yet.

The back is blank...for now.

Seems simple, right? Note cards are easy, just a little time consuming when you're going through an 80,000-word manuscript.

Okay, I'm off to start Step 4. I'll fill you in on that tomorrow. :)



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