Sunday, May 6, 2012

BIG Mistake & Proof I'm Human

I made a HUGE mistake in Afterlife. I've since corrected it and am uploading the new version to all sales outlets.

I think this is proof I'm human and I make mistakes. I feel the need to make lemonade out of these lemons and be soooo grateful I'm able to correct it within just a few hours.

For those of you who already purchased Afterlife, I am happy to offer you a free, corrected version. All you need to do is email me (meggjensen (at) gmail) with:

1 - The first line of Chapter Four (to prove to me you already have it).
2 - Your preferred ebook format mobi (Kindle) or epub (everyone else) or let me know if you want a Smashwords coupon code.

Here's what happened:

When I wrote Sleepers in 2009 (yes, THREE years ago), the names of the two enemies, the Dalagans and the Fithians were completely different names.  I changed them, then later on, I decided I wanted them switched.

When I wrote Afterlife in 2012, I grabbed all of my notes from Sleepers. Something didn't seem right to me - even the day I hit publish, I was still sure something was wrong, I just didn't know what. I chalked it up to jitters.

Then this morning I saw a comment on Goodreads about the races being switched and the lightbulb went on. And it electrocuted me. I knew immediately what that nagging sound had been in the back of my head. I had switched their names in Afterlife - back to the way it had originally been.

I realized I never made mention of the switch in my notes.

So, yeah, I screwed up. But I'm rectifying everything by uploading new versions and offering free replacement copies to those who already bought Afterlife.


  1. You're sweet to change it and replace them :o)

  2. Phew! Lucky catch - and well done for coming out over it too. There aren't many that will do that, you know :)

    1. I couldn't ignore it once I knew. The challenge is contacting everyone...

  3. Luckily you found the issue so quickly after the release! It's a good thing that person commented about it on goodreads so it could be resolved. No biggie! I've only read the first three chapters and I didn't notice. I'm bad with names so I just assumed they were the correct no biggie! :)

  4. Veronica Roth recently had a similar post and gave tips so other writers might avoid it. I can see where it can happen. :) Thanks.

  5. Doing sequels are HARD! I am learning this! :)

  6. You handled this quickly and well! And a cool future blog post (A2A?) might be how to keep sequels straight. I'm trying my first series now and would love to know some organizational tips for keeping track of everything.

  7. Don't fret or worry, we all still love and admire you and your books. I too have done that with Microsoft Word... Very FRUSTRATING!!!