Friday, February 17, 2012

Four of the Big Six Kick Libraries to the Curb

As of this week, many library patrons will no longer be able to check out new ebooks from four of the Big Six traditional publishers.


Simon & Schuster



All of them will no longer be making their new ebooks available to Overdrive, the system most libraries currently use to provide their patrons with access to ebooks.

I normally don't bitch about publishing on my blog. But today, I am. You play dirty with libraries and I will fight back.

I want everyone who cares about libraries to read this article now. Spread the word. Tell everyone you know what they're doing.

Denying libraries access to materials really makes me angry.

My mom has been a library aide since I was in second grade. I have worked in multiple libraries. My books circulate in libraries and I am VERY PROUD of this.

What the Big Six is doing is driving more consumers toward independent authors. Not only do we charge far less for our ebooks than traditional publishers, but we also make a significantly higher royalty. That will attract more authors to epublish on their own.

If you support libraries, and everyone should, please join in the outcry. In a time of economic uncertainty, publishers are punishing readers - particularly lower-income readers.

Quite frankly, it disgusts me.


  1. I frankly don't see why it matters if a book is in print of ebook form in a library. A free read is a free read. I understand them restricting downloads. That only makes sense. I think 26 is too few, but I can see them doing it. Maybe setting it at 50 or 75. I mean, I renew print book checkouts all the time because I haven't gotten to reading them, and others probably do the same for ebooks without realizing the harm. But to pull ebooks entirely is ridiculous. The Big Six need to get their head out of the sand.

  2. *sharpens her sporks* They think they can deprive the libraries eh? Well, they have another thing coming from me! Big Six ought to know better!

  3. I used to work at a library, too. So this is very upsetting. What a shame.