Thursday, January 12, 2012

Contest Winners & Future Plans

My three winners for ecopies of Sleepers have been contacted. If you haven't heard from me, then you didn't win ... this time. As anyone who follows me through Facebook or my newsletter knows, I like to give things away a lot, so if you like free things, then follow me. ;)

It's the beginning of the year (well, kind of, since we're nearly a couple weeks in) and I feel like I should let you know what will be happening on my blog.

First, I'll probably be blogging less this year than I did last year. At least here. I've joined three other blogs, Indelibles, Author 2 Author, and The Writer's Voice. Since I'll be blogging in those places, I'll have less to say here. However, that will make what I do say here more important. There'll be less random posts to wade through when what you really want is to know the details about releases, etc. If you want to keep up on my other posts, please follow me on Facebook, which is where I notify my peeps when I have a new post up.

As for writing, I'm working hard on Afterlife and will have it out by summer unless something drastic happens, like I fall off a boat and a shark eats both of my arms. I doubt this will happen since I live in Illinois. You can all relax now.

I plan to release the sequel to Afterlife later in the year. In addition to those, I hope to get at least one more book out, but until I know for sure, I don't want to jinx anything.

I have loved every moment of the past year. I chose to epublish in December of 2010 and Anathema came out in February of 2011. It's been the most fascinating time in my life. Who knew I could make a career out of the one thing I love most in life - creating new worlds. Thank you to each of you who've been on this journey with me (OMG, I sound like a chick from The Bachelor, don't I?).

Love you all!!!!!



  1. Congratulations! It sounds like your career is moving along dreamily!

  2. Whee! I got my copy of Oubliette today, and I'm going all quivery at the thought of getting started - totally raiding your Sleepers trilogy at some stage too, it sounds rather good.

    Fan question ... does Ivy come back in Oubliette? I have the funny feeling she won't take that little wedding shambles lying down .... can I have a hint? Please? *puppy dog eyes*

    1. Now, Charley, really? LOL! I am not telling you anything. :p Bwahahahahahahahahaha!

      Have fun reading!!! :D

  3. "Who knew I could make a career out of the one thing I love most in life..." <--- I want to be there! Enjoy this next year of your publishing career. I'm sure it's bound to be just as fabulous!

    And SUCH an awesome cover for AFTERLIFE!!

    xx Rachel